j’aime ma famille

February 3, 2008

hello! i’m back in the Land of Chilly Winds, safe and sound and in one piece, albeit a little achey all over. as expected, i cried within seconds of stepping through the departure gates. i took one look at my family waving me on through the glass doors and it almost killed me to wave goodbye back. before i could even fight it, my tears were all over and thus the uncontrollable sobbing began- the very picture of myself some years ago when i first left for australia.

this post is for my dear family- i miss and love you all so much. i can’t stop thinking of how my dad actually searched for and bought durians for me on the very same night i mentioned that i hadn’t had durians in a while; my mom who bought me bbq pork to satisfy my chinese new year cravings; and my brother who swopped his weekend leave for a weekday so that he could send me off- i know it’s all love, and i’m feeling homesick now but thankfully i have too many domestic chores at hand to occupy myself with and so many readings to do before monday, so that i don’t have much time leftover to dwell on it. my new term starts in a day and i’m keeping my fingers crossed that i can start the first week of school, because i forgot to do my police check due to a huge, silly oversight on my part and i was told i can’t attend ward rounds or go near patients without it. sigh! 😦 i am terribly bummed by the bad news and will be praying all weekend for a miracle.

i just said goodbye to H because he leaves for mildura tomorrow for an entire semester of GP and pysch rotations. i shall miss his antics and bad jokes but thank God for MSN- that way i can still have my daily dose of confidence boosters and hilarity without having to look at his face (okay i’m kidding) .

H: i have to pack my xbox! ARGH!

E: forget the xbox.

H: i can’t! it’s my child!

p.s. H if you see this- you better come back and see us soon, you hear?


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