Dear Marc,

February 10, 2008

what were you thinking?

normally, i am a big big fan of Marc Jacobs- i especially love his Marc by Marc Jacobs line for its cleanly-cut, refreshingly youthful styles without being overly cutesy. i just cannot say the same for his ready-to-wear fall 2008 collection for NY Fashion Week, which was plainly disappointing and uninspiring.

i don’t mean to be overly critical, but in my honest opinion it looks (quite) hideous (no offense Mr MJ, i still respect and admire your talent though).  some of them outfits with the odd-looking headpieces (that resemble rolled up towels on the models’ heads) and the very unflattering cuts, make for a very very depressing winter ahead.

obviously i am no Nina Garcia, and it’s not like Marc Jacobs is ever going to read my comments. so it’s back to my very wordy and boring paediatrics textbook for now.

picture source from elle


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