two things today

February 16, 2008

1. Marchesa

in what was apparently a rather drab NY fashion week, i think Marchesa’s Fall ’08 collection was probably the saving grace of the entire event. i am enamoured with all things floral and have a particular soft spot for rosettes, hence Marchesa does it for me. i love it that some looks are edgy and some ethereal but all flowery and feminine at the same time. very very desirable and covetable, although i know i won’t be affording a Marchesa piece anytime soon.

2. McDimSim

Suze and I are crazily addicted to the dimsims from the hospital cafe. it all started when we had to stay back for night duty one day and needed something to fill our tummies. so we opted for the little snack-sized dimsims to munch on, and since then we have been eating at least ONE dimsim everyday. (one time we ate 5 each. and that was after lunch. *horrors*) suze calculated that at 80c apiece, we’d have spent 20 dollars on dimsims if we ate one everyday for the duration of our rotation. i don’t even know what a dimsim really is, so i googled it (as with all things that i am unsure of) and found that wikipedia had devoted an entire page to this humble meat dumpling. i never knew it was native in Australia, and that the unidentified meat filling actually is made up of pork and cabbages. for now i can’t decide if i like it steamed or fried. anyway it has been crazy, i literally have to drag Suze out of the cafe before we chalk up enough dimsim purchases to help the cafe owner purchase his next holiday home in Malibu.


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