some days i like it crazy

February 17, 2008

so it’s nearly 4am and i just got home from what was supposed to be dinner at hotpot with the meddies. finally! i got to meet kellyn and it was lovely catching up with her! our dinner was so long, it lasted 3 hours and then i got dragged to gishy’s party although i vehemently protested because: 1. i wasn’t dressed up for clubbing 2. i wanted to head home for a bit of study. but peer pressure won out in the end so i decided to go with the flow…. and then we got lost for 2 hours! seriously!! (we could have driven to bendigo in that span of time.) we drove around collingwood for ages trying to locate fitzroy street when it was really in st. kilda. so when we FINALLY reached area61 just after midnight, nearly all the people at the party were leaving 😦 but i managed to catch up with rupert just for a brief moment and then we danced for 1 hour and spent another 1 hour outside the club talking and inhaling awful ciggy smoke (pffft). no one really wanted to go for supper after that so we headed home and i now have a stomachache from eating all that hotpot! >:s


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