sunny days are happy days

February 21, 2008

these days, time is so very precious to me. a classic case of too little time, too many things to do. actually i think it may merely be a bad case of time management on my part. whatever it is, i want more time! more time to do things like these

like lounging in the sun and licking the icing off the most delicious cupcakes in the world. i want to bake so badly and i have saved so many recipes that i want to try butttt there’s always no time for baking. or doing things that are fun and require little or no thought. so i painted my nails in a creamy pastel pink shade and it made me happy! speaking of nails, the girl in the first picture has a transverse white line across her nails. calcium-deficiency perhaps (?). (sorry i can’t help but notice these things- it’s a med student syndrome, i suppose!) apart from that very random bit of info, i think these pictures are absolutely delightful and if i could live vicariously through snapshots, this would be how i’d like to spend my summer (or what’s left of it) frolicking in the sun.


2 Responses to “sunny days are happy days”

  1. Alix Says:

    I may have a calcium deficiency…maybe you could offer me some milk 😉

    glad you like my pictures

  2. eleanor Says:

    thanks for your comment, i think your pictures are absolutely lovely! and the cupcakes look divine. (i bet they tasted divine as well)! 😀

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