You hold my every moment

February 23, 2008

i haven’t attended a concert for ages! and so i was rather stoked when becky said we should go for this:

i’d been to something similar two years ago, and i remembered how incredible an experience it was, so i was really looking forward to it!

here’s becky and i looking quite excited, before the concert

and here are some shots i managed to (surreptitiously) capture

sorry they’re not very good pictures, you probably can’t see much since i didn’t opt for flash (i liked the blue and purple lighting and wanted to capture it). anyway the concert was awesome, as expected, and at some point near the end of the concert i managed to sneak into the mosh pit and indulge in my happy jumping and hand-raising thingy, which made me feel like an exuberant 18-year-old all over again. there was also a really funny and sincere message about encountering God, and i think i must have laughed at nearly every sentence the pastor said. then after the concert we met H & S and jess for supper and had some more great laughs, because H & S are just sooooo crazily wild and hilarious- it’s almost like watching live stand-up comedy. 😀


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