i can has a break?

February 25, 2008

today we had a very very interesting and stimulating lecture on haematology/oncology. we were asked to give differential diagnoses of a little boy who came in with bruising and petechiae and someone yelled, “idiopathic thrombocytic purpura”.

the lecturer frowned and said, “why would you ever want to describe something as idiopathic? in latin idios means ‘i’m an idiot’; and pathos means ‘i am sorry’. unless you really mean to say to the patient- ‘i’m sorry for being an idiot’, DON’T say idiopathic. use crytogenic instead- it means ‘hidden cause‘, by the way.” etymology never ceases to interest me.

in other news, i spent 7 hours from 4pm to 11pm at the paeds ED today. we saw lots of kids, including a little 3-year-old who managed to get a polystyrene ball stuck up his left nostril. we used suction and forceps and even called in the ENT specialists, but no we didn’t manage to get the ball out. the kid was screaming like a stuck pig, and attempting to restrain him was a nightmare. i saw a kid with Wolf-Parkinson-White (a rare heart condition). my first ever WPW patient! and then the usual asthma kid, vomity kid and fever kid. we see all things amazing and mundane at ED. sorry if i’m becoming boring! medicine is currently taking over my life now. here are some funny pictures to make up for it!

i’ve been spending loads of time laughing over the lolcats, cos they amuse me to no end. such cute creatures they are! i love those very humorous captions as well. it’s usually the captions that make me laugh more than the pictures, i’m practically ROFLOL (rolling on the floor laughing out loud). anyway i’m probably slow to catch on but if you haven’t visited the lolcats site, you need to.

there’s also a similar (spin-off?) site for the dog-lovers as well. particularly loving this one right now:

loldogs, cute puppy pictures, roflmao, I Has a Hotdog
animals are so adorable. i want lots of pets in future.


3 Responses to “i can has a break?”

  1. Adrian Says:

    To remove objects from kids’ noses – get mum or dad to put their mouth over the kid’s mouth and blow! Easier than forceps.

  2. eleanor Says:

    That was what the ENT people told us too!- so we tried that, but it didn’t work! The ball must have been sucked up further when he was crying i suppose. Thanks for the tip though 😀

  3. gwenda Says:

    i love lolcats too! it’s my cheer-up remedy whenever i’m feeling swamped with work!

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