my mind is overgrown with weeds

February 28, 2008

today i brought two scarves to work- unintentionally. one i wore around my neck, the other i stuffed in my bag (subconsciously, i suppose). to top that, i was an hour late for clinic. and i brought my stethoscope to an orthopaedic clinic (!!!). really! i have no idea why i do the things i do sometimes. i seem to be bordering on the edge of senility- just like my laptop who has become rather slow and cranky lately, what with all the weird noises and shutting down at will on multiple occasions. [edit: H says it’s not senility, but my emo getting to me. according to him it clogs my brain and makes me do these foolish things. i say it’s rubbish. i haven’t been emo lately.]

anyway, crankiness and altered thinking capabilities aside, here is a shout-out to my dear housemate


we took this photo exactly at midnight- as seen in the picture. it was purely coincidental! p.s. do not ask me what the words on my t-shirt mean. i’ve been asked by a million people and i really, really have no idea.


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