March 1, 2008

i can’t sleep because i took a 4-hour nap sometime between the hours of 1800 to 2200. i can never take power naps. the moment my eyes are closed, i am virtually unrousable for a few hours at least. argh. have been tossing and turning in bed and burying my head under my quilt for an hour or so but to no avail. so, here are some pictures from sometime ago, courtesy of ming:

okay now i’m going to try to fall asleep again. which is quite silly really, considering i have to get up in 2 hours for clinic. either that or stay up and consume copious amounts of coffee to get through the day! :s


9 Responses to “61”

  1. eleanor Says:

    that article is sooo interesting! thanks weijia! 🙂 i’m gonna try it!

  2. Weijia Says:

    sorry for the double post. i dint see the sneaky little “your post has been sent for moderation” or something and thought i forgot to send hahaha.

    how’ve u been! once again dint get to catch u the last time u came back!

  3. eleanor Says:

    hey dude! sorry i have to moderate comments otherwise i get heaps of spam! haha hey ive been good, busy busy with my paeds rotation and loving it! what about you? hope all is divine!


  4. Weijia Says:

    It’s ok! I understand haha
    i’m glad ur having fun! cos i’m not! life really sucks now. i have a huge ass assignment that i really really really dont wanna do haha. and i’m organising this shit event that’s giving all the organisers a huge headache. i am so gonna get drunk when the event is over next friday! whoooo!

    p.s. x is hugs or kisses ah? i never quite made head or tail of it hahaha.
    p.p.s. anyway it’s cool still. i should try it sometimes.
    p.p.s. xxx

  5. eleanor Says:

    haha omg. you made me laugh reading the whole ‘x’ spiel.

    anyway, if xoxo = hugs and kisses,
    im guessing x = hugs/kisses.

    hahaha i have no idea! anyway your life sounds so packed! but im sure it’s gonna be fun. hang in there dude! 😀

  6. Weijia Says:

    hahaha i’m glad i brought some cheer into your life then, even if it’s just for a while haha.

    and damn we’re back to talking here.
    how about we shift this to email?

    what’s a good addie for me to email u at?

  7. eleanor Says:

    haha yeah its kinda weird talking here! email me at eleanor.th@gmail.com then! 🙂

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