March 9, 2008

recently my housemate purchased a nintendo wii. i swear it gives me a better workout than running around the park 6 times. and not to mention how incredibly fun and addictive it is! i reckon i won’t have to get gym membership after all! entertainment plus exercise in the comfort of your living room. genius.

edit: i have always wanted to play tennis. my short-lived tennis lessons in secondary school and junior college were (quite) disastrous. but NOW, i can finally play tennis!!! Wii tennis, of course! woo!


4 Responses to “wheeee!”

  1. jialin Says:

    yo, since u mentioned… check this out!

  2. eleanor Says:

    HAHA ok that is hilarious but out wii games arent as silly. and it is a parody after all… hahaha. how’s you dear? havent heard from ya in ages!

  3. jialin Says:

    i’m pretty good! spring’s here, just finished my end semestral exams and starting on my bachelor thesis – quite busy but i like it that way 🙂
    and u? when do i get to call u dr. thong. btw my friends find ur last name hiiilarious hehe

  4. eleanor Says:

    wellll i can’t help it, that’s my last name until i get married. or, i could change it to tang. i reckon it sounds a lot more professional haha. i’m graduating end of next year *fingers crossed!!* what about you? sounds pretty hardcore what you’re involved in atm!

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