i can hear you now

March 16, 2008

HI!!! sorry i have been remiss in updating. i’ve just started my 2nd paediatrics rotation at B0xh1ll Hospital, which is an hour away 😦 and so i’ve been waking up at 6am for 8am tutes, trudging back and forth by bus and attending ward rounds and clinics…… tres tiring but i’m getting the hang of it! BHH is kind of small, nothing like MMC (boo! i miss MMC) but it helps that the people there are awfully nice, i get to go to the special care nursery to cuddle the little bubs ….can i just tell you that i love doing baby checks! and clinics are pretty interesting as well, so that probably justifies the time and money spent on transport.

anyway, i do have pictures to update and stories to tell! will post soon after i get my studying done. meanwhile here is a little preview!

ANDDDD. Easter Break is coming up! though i only have a 4-day break but it’s always lovely to have holidays! plus i’ve booked my tickets to Sydney over Anzac weekend, wooo! many exciting things coming up, i’m pysched!! i can feeeel it already


2 Responses to “i can hear you now”

  1. gwenda Says:

    ooooh you comin to sydney! excitingness

    and you know know what i’m going over to melbourne this easter break! will you be free to meet up for a meal or something?

  2. eleanor Says:

    YES!! 😀

    awesomeness, just text me when you’re here, you have my number right?

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