woohoo it’s Easter!

March 20, 2008

and this can only mean three things:

  1. celebrating our amazing God!
  2. HOLIDAYS (though technically i only get friday and monday off)
  3. chocolate chocolate chocolate (easter bunnies and eggs of course)! wooo!

anyway i meant to post this a couple of days ago but as usual, didn’t have the time to upload photos but since i have half a day off tomorrow, i am (relatively) less busy so here we go

last saturday we went to a food, music and wine festival at m0rdiall0c, by the foreshore. the weather was amazing (not too hot or too cold, for once) and it was a only 15-minute drive away so that was even more awesome

and here we are looking set to rock and roll (only jem wanted to get drunk on the wines.)

besides live music and wines (which i still have yet to learn how to appreciate), there were lots of rides- this one was called the Scorpion and it went round and round and spun like crazy. i imagine it would not be wise to go on it after dinner, haha

and this one was called ‘Hangover’. THIS was the horrendous ride i sat on!!! we got turned upside down and i felt like my insides were churning

honestly i was going to chicken out, i had no idea what in the world i was thinking when i said ‘yes let’s go on it!’

when the ride started carol and i practically screamed our heads off! that’s us at the top, topsy turvy- not the nicest position i would say. anyway it was a frightening but sort of exciting experience for me, given that i have this massive phobia of heights (but then again i am the kind of person who occasionally likes to scare myself). i thought i was going to have a heart attack there and then! no more scary rides for me (at least not in a long time coming)

and here we are, post-ride, with utterly messed up hair and palpitating hearts.

and then we remembered that we should try the pancakes but the queue was so long and i got lazy, so i settled for some passionfruit yoghurt ice cream instead, which was goooood . although i did want to try the fig, honey and pistachio flavoured one, but it was melted and the lady said she couldn’t sell it 😦

bumped into one of my med friends there as well- he juggles a car business on the sidelines and probably makes heaps of money while cramming pathology and whatnot at the same time, how impressive is that
jean’s artistic shot, which i particularly love

and one last photo to end the night- we had a fantastic time and i’m hoping we get to do this again soon!

and HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! wooo i finally get to sleep in 😀


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