March 23, 2008

i just had a bad scare! my laptop shut down while i was enjoying my daily dose of facebook, so i tried to turn it on again but it refused to start up (bad computer!) i realised that i hadn’t backed up my hard drive, and it didn’t help that i desperately needed to start on my case presentation. naturally, i panicked and nearly had a heart attack (i am easily frightened).

fortunately i turned it on again after half an hour, and it worked- thank God! i hope it doesn’t give me anymore scares, because i now have enough adrenaline to keep me awake all night.

anyway, on to less stressful events: yesterday we celebrated lou’s and suz’s 21st! lou’s house is amazing. i covet her swimming pool and jacuzzi. *sighs dreamily* it was a lovely celebration, complete with 21st speeches, alcohol and pretty profiterole cake adorned with sparklers. i *love* profiteroles! hopefully the cake fairy will bestow a profiterole cake on me for my birthday too!

anddd i finally touched up my roots! i have been enduring distasteful hair for too long. i dyed it dark brown and it looks heaps better, now all i need is some conditioner. i feel like cutting some bangs! although i’ll have you know that every time i try to trim my fringe, it inevitably ends in disaster, but i always cut it anyway and live to regret it. i’m getting a little tired of my hair. it always looks the same!


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