all good things come to an end

March 25, 2008

alas, my laptop scare was more than a scare! i now have to accept the painful reality that my poor abused laptop is on the brink of death šŸ˜¦ it died on me 3 times yesterday, and now i can’t use it for more than 30 minutes at a go, because it just shuts itself down! i had to go to the hospital so i could use the computer there to do up my case presentation. rawr. i really don’t fancy the thought of getting a new computer, i’m way too used to this one (it has served me unwaveringly for 3 years and counting, without even crashing once- i really should have treated it better.) i hope and pray that maybe N-that’s my laptop’s name(yes, i like to name my possesions)- will last me till the end of the year, so i don’t have to deal with all the backing up and reformatting in the middle of my semester!

anyway, moving on to things that make me feel a little happier (about the world in general):

+ i saw these pictures on teenvogue and thought they were so perfectly pretty! am particularly loving the backdrops in both scenes! i wish i could teleport myself to their fashion paradise. and i really want to wear a huge tulle skirt just so i can see how it balloons from my waist and makes me look about five years old.

+ i spent half my day in clinic with Dr C today and saw the most delightful 3 year old ever! he had golden blond curls too! i read him 5 stories just because he kept asking me to (in his very cute babbly voice) and he wouldn’t stop talking in his baby-gibberish the whole time. very, very cute indeed. too bad he had a sleepwalking problem which drove his mother quite mad, and Dr C couldn’t really do anything but offer advice in an empathic manner.

+ H, one of my good ol’ mates, called me at 9am while i was walking to clinic, i said “hi! what’s up?” and he said “oh i just woke up and wanted to say goodbye before leaving”. i thought that was pretty sweet, and so we had a little chat until i reached Dr C’s clinic and our conversation mainly ended with “ok take care and don’t study too much E!” and me retorting “sure i’ll just study for you cos i know you won’t!” šŸ˜€ (which is true 80% of the time, he doesn’t ever study!)

+ i stopped by Safeway on the way home to buy nuts! i love nuts! got some brazilian nuts, macadamias, cashews and almonds to motivate myself into healthy snacking- that is, if i don’t wolf them all down in 2 days. they make such lovely treats but whyyy in the world are they so ridiculously expensive?! i think i must have spent about $7.50 AUD on 300gms of nuts. insane.

+ gwenda’s coming to Melbourne! a nice catch-up sesh is in store, certainly, and very soon too! whoopeedoo! šŸ˜€

ok and now my laptop’s nearly dying, i have to go. ta!


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