April 3, 2008

was doing my regular fashion-blog browsing when i came across this post from the lovely ms spinach, whose site i frequently love to visit. there was a picture of some very gorgeous lace-up shoes that caught my eye, but it transpired that the post was evidently not about the shoes but about a little girl with a brain tumour. i fully agree with ms spinach that we’re incredibly lucky (in some way or another), and i was inspired to make a donation to this little girl’s family, rather than splurge on something that my closet cannot accommodate.

please click on the link to read the post, and donate if you can! even if you can’t give financially, it would good to drop them some kind words of encouragement.

obviously there are many other people who have to go through the same things, if not worse, and you probably are thinking that stories like these are a dime a dozen and/or clichéd, BUT if everyone felt like that, there would be absolutely no hope for this little girl. i only say this because i’ve seen lots of suffering children in my paediatrics rotation, and often i have had no chance to help them (in a medical way at least), and all i could do was to listen and try to be extra nice. it’s easy to shrug it off as ‘yet another sob-story’ but remember that in every story like this there is a kid and her family involved, along with huge financial and emotional ramifications- and they can’t shrug it off like we can, because it’s their kid. you probably don’t know this girl and her family personally (neither do i), but you know their story now- so please help them, any donation/encouragement is certainly good enough!

on a related note, my paeds rotation ends tomorrow. cannot tell you all how much i love paediatrics, i have enjoyed every single moment of being with the little bubs and toddlers these nine weeks, and am very sad (!!) to move on to ob&gyn. 😦


2 Responses to “PLEASE READ THIS”

  1. Adrian Says:

    Does that mean you’re considering a career in paeds? Remember you sometimes have to deal with screamers and grumpy teenagers…

  2. eleanor Says:

    I really enjoyed paeds (despite screamers and grumpy teens and crazy parents), so it’s definitely a possibility! just keeping my options open, although i do know of friends who have already struck paeds off the list… but i’m taking my time to venture into different specialties and see which one i’m most keen on 🙂

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