some kind of crazy weather

April 3, 2008

+photo from theage. dunno if you can see it, but there is a faint skyline of the city(that has been engulfed in dust), and trees have toppled over everywhere.

i was in the hospital the entire day and was blithely oblivious to the winds that were raging at 100kmh outside, until there were at least 5 code yellows about some power outage and how the hospital was only running on generator power. it was so bad that there was darkness everywhere, visitors had to be turned away or kindly shooed out of the hospital, and apparently lou said that there was falling debris (from the roof) outside the main entrance. eeks! i kind of flipped out when i had to walk to the station and the winds were crazily strong! saw lots of uprooted trees and fallen fences- yes it was THAT bad! it started to rain just as i got off my stop and my umbrella flipped inside-out at least five times (very annoying) as i tried to walk home in a straight line, without getting blown to the side (it was so hard to merely advance forward and i thought of this song lyric: “stop and stare, i think i’m moving but i go nowhere”)

so when i got home i checked the news and read that apparently this was one of the worst winds to hit victoria, engulfing the city in dust, causing major traffic and public transport disruption and power outages all over victoria. there was a report about a woman who got killed by a wall that collapsed on her as she was passing by *egad!* poor lady! 😦

so this morning i decided i’d hit the snooze and stay home (and be lazy/err on the side of caution), just in case the weather was going to act up again. storms are scary!


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