busy busy as a bee

April 9, 2008

sorry, i meant to update sooner but obgyn is proving to be more intense than any rotation i’ve experienced thus far. i’m sooo knackered! it is not fun waiting for hours and hours on end for babies to be delivered. but then again i understand that birthing is a beautiful process and so good things are worth waiting for. *must.be.patient!*

anyway, i need to come up with places to go for med electives next year. ive got a list of countries that i’d like to visit, and i’m particularly interested in UK and china- does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? thanks in advance 😀


3 Responses to “busy busy as a bee”

  1. BigJem Says:

    Oi! I have just “re-found” your blog! my cyber-snooping skills have gained another level up.. just dropped in to say Hello.. I’ve bookmarked your blog =)

  2. eleanor Says:

    hello bigjem! thanks for dropping by! why don’t you update your blog anymore? 😦
    p.s. 6 more days till you remove your cast!

  3. BigJem Says:

    haha you’re my inspiration, I just updated my blog again. Now purely food review only, to remind me of my eating experiences in Melbourne!

    cant wait for them to saw open the plaster!

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