too many coffees make you crook

April 14, 2008

my weekend was a semi-nightmare! obs&gynae is more challenging than i ever expected. i went to hospital at 10am on saturday in the hope of catching a woman in labour (have to get 3 deliveries signed off in my log-book) and i waited and waited and waited. but there was no lady in labour, and it was only until 130am sunday that a lady came in, and at 300am she gave birth to a lovely little baby boy.

waiting in vain is an excrutiating experience. i had been waiting for 14 hours and nothing happened. my friend who waited for about 3 hours got a baby because the midwife she was assigned to was looking after the lady in labour. i was so frustrated that i retreated into the backroom and cried secretly! i know i’m a crybaby but at that instance i was so disheartened and not to mention miserable…at one point i even asked God if He was doing it to me on purpose! yes i was that sore! haha. i had to repeatedly psych myself that med is tough but i will hang in there and get through this, even if it means going without sleep for 25hours

i slept 9 hours out of 48 hours, drank too much coffee for my own good, fell asleep on the couch in the visitor’s lounge and pinched biscuits from the pantry to keep my hunger pangs at bay. yet i also followed the residents on duty around and learnt quite a fair bit, answered phonecalls from anxious women thinking  that they might be in labour, cuddled a few crying bubs and patted them to sleep… maybe it wasn’t that bad after all.

+ oh and special birthday shoutouts:

Happy Smashingbulous Birthday to Sip and BigJem! 🙂


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