domestic days

April 21, 2008

i’m so bored*… can you tell? two posts within 5 hours. that’s saying something isn’t it. PLUS i cleaned my pigsty tornado-swept rathole of a room (not exaggerating, it WAS that bad) and organised my clothes (FINALLY). as usual i have too many clothes and my wardrobe is bursting- again! so i set aside the clothes that i probably won’t wear ever again and it came up to two big bags! my room is now comparatively cleaner and less messy than before! although i’ll give myself 2 months before it goes back to its original state…. i love being tidy and neat but somehow it never lasts for long, mainly because i can NEVER find my things when they’re kept in folders and boxes. (or is that just my excuse for being messy)

anyway, i came across this article from The Age about medical students eating poorly, apparently eating disorders seem to be more prevalent in highly-educated women… sad but true. i know it doesn’t seem logical but then again most things aren’t, especially when it comes to human behaviour. i once met a consultant who specialized in eating disorders, she was in her 40s, and absolutely stick-thin! (i also noticed that she ate a single apple for lunch.) i wonder if she makes a convincing case when it comes to counselling girls with anorexia…

*i also changed my header image as you will have noticed; i took this picture in ann siang hill (loveliest tiles!) while i was home for the holidays in january- ….which reminds me that i still have those pretty pictures in a folder waiting to be posted (which i will in due time, of course).


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