i dream of strange things

May 3, 2008

it’s funny how people dream dreams and can’t remember a thing about them, while other people dream the most vivid dreams and remember every single detail. (i belong to this latter group)

so last night i dreamt of prostaglandins and cardiac contractility! seriously. i am far from pedantic so i have zilch idea why i dreamt of something like that. bizarre! anyway, i saw myself in the lab with lots of rats (eek!) and injecting them with something to cause them to arrest (sick, i know). it was all really weird so i googled it up…. and found dozens of studies to do with cardiac contractility and prostaglandins. the most interesting of which was an incidental finding of how prostaglandin F2a had a surprising negative inotropic effect on cardiac contractility after myocardial infarction. plus it was an experiment conducted on rats’ hearts! sheesh. if dreams have meanings, i wonder what mine is trying to tell me.

p.s. i haven’t been reading any cardiology lately, and obs&gyn doesn’t even remotely involve the heart

p.p.s. i have never, ever, read/heard anything about prostaglandins and cardiac contractility. i dreamt them up randomly, it was like dreaming of brigitte bardot and john f. kennedy and later finding out that they were related. (although they aren’t of course)


2 Responses to “i dream of strange things”

  1. kai Says:

    i think your dream is trying to tell you that you are studying too hard haha.

    man i cant wait for the 6th week. IT WOULD BE MAJOR PARTY TIME!

  2. eleanor Says:

    haha i wish i was studying hard enough, been giving myself way too many off days and slacking off! i even fell asleep under my consultant’s nose and he was not impressed 😦

    anyway why 6th week? i don’t get it! hope all is well with u 🙂

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