the wrong side of bed

May 5, 2008

it is tres gloomy and cold (brr!) outside and i woke up (late again, as usual) feeling awful… i blame it on the oreos i wolfed down before going to bed last night. this is what i call a downer day, where you know it’s going to be a crap-awful day the moment you open your eyes… so i gave school a miss, was supposed to spend my time studying very conscientiously but as you can see i am still(!) procrastinating. i want a large poufy skirt (see picture) and some glossy patent black lace-up oxfords, and some nice brown leather boots (i really need new boots!). i think i might feel better then!

on a side note

i was just wondering… have you ever met a person whom you know is the love of your life? it doesn’t matter if you dated before and then broke up, or are still loveydovey together- what i want to know is whether you’ve ever had that feeling you get when you look back on fond memories and you just simply know….? do things like these exist only in the movies, or do they really happen to real people in a real world? anyway forgive me for the rambling soliloquy, i’m beginning to think that bad days always put me in a semi-contemplative mood. haha

+picture from lorick (the designer behind the waldorf collection in gossipgirl,! yay!)

p.s. just caught ‘how to look good naked’ on tv! ooh it looks wikkkid!


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