superhero lovin’

May 10, 2008

boy has it been a crazy week! i am so knackered- but thankful, of course- i managed to get most tasks on my logbook signed off, yay! although the best part of my week is/was catching Iron Man just a couple of hours ago 🙂 i have to say that i’m hardly a marvel/DC comic fan but i LOVE these superhero movies! Iron Man was fantastic, Robert Downey Jr put up an absolutely stellar performance, *swoons* and i loved how it kept me on tenterhooks and also made me laugh out (too loud) at too many times (Jon Favreau obviously has a sense of humour) and the computer generated effects- too amazing(out of this world, really)! i could go on and on but i don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it yet.

yes i am hopelessly in love with Iron Man now, never have i thought that a robot could look this cool (and hot) – i know it doesn’t make sense but whatever! MUST.GO.SEE!!!

p.s. gwyneth paltrow’s hair looked bad on her- straw coloured hair and pale ethereal complexions do not go together.


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