happy mother’s day

May 11, 2008

‘love of the family is life’s greatest blessing’

i’m thankful that i have supportive parents who only wish the best for me, who believe in my abilities and share my dreams. i miss them badly and although they are far away, they are always close to my heart.

lots of love and happy mother’s day mum! as well as to all the brave women out there who endured the pain of childbirth (as evidenced by my labour ward experience) and screaming toddlers and angsty teenagers to bring us up into the individuals that we are today 🙂

+ props to gwenda for the lovely video which i first came across in her blog, then pilfered and stuck it on my own.


One Response to “happy mother’s day”

  1. stayinggold Says:

    oo! great video! haha the old ladies are damn funny 🙂 hope we remember this as we get older and busier

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