this litte piggy went to the market

May 15, 2008

since it’s approaching wintertime and i haven’t been able to go out for runs now nearly as much as i used to (or rather haven’t been able to exercise AT ALL), i’m slowly becoming a couch potato 😦 sooo…. i hatched a little experiment: i’m going to use the wii fit program (courtesy of housemate) in the comforts of my own living room (with toasty heater!) and see how much weight i can lose in a month! of course i’ll continue with my normal diet and all and make a very concerted effort to stop over-snacking. i’ve tried the yoga and it’s a pretty good back stretching session, which i like, and the only thing i don’t like is having to run on the spot for 5 minutes. otherwise it’s pretty excellent and fun, i love how the wii fit trainers tell me off (gently) if i’ve had a snack too many, and encourage me even when my posture is severely skewed to the left. so yes in one month’s time i shall be reporting back on the wii fit’s results! stay tuned!

in other news, gynae clinics have been very enjoyable. i get my very own room to see patients in (on my own!), and my registrar is such a sweetheart. what’s not to love? 🙂


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