in pursuit of happyness

May 19, 2008

hello, what makes you happy?

kai wrote a post on happiness…. i was quite inspired after reading it and so i decided to come up with my own 3 steps to happyness:

1. do a good deed everyday. bonus points if you do something nice for someone you barely know! i know it seems cliche but being nice and gracious to others can really give you a spring in your step. at least it works for me 🙂

2. spend time doing one thing you love everyday. treat yourself to some sticky date pudding, curl up in bed with a book, talk to a loved one on the phone, or….retail therapy!!. or exercise on the wii fit! i have to say it really motivates me

3. get enough sleep! i cannot stress how important this is. no one manages to smile and mean it when they’re running on 4 hours of sleep. i am most grumpy when i don’t get my magical 7 hours of sleep… that’s why i looove sleeping in on the weekends

there’s more of course but i figured i should stop before it turns into one of those columns in a lifestyle magazine. BIGGG exams are a-coming, which makes me slightly less happy, but i know that i have much to be thankful for, so i choose to be positive. and maybe if i work hard enough, i could probably treat myself to a luxurious advanced birthday present 🙂 ohh the motivation!

+ wii updates!: day 5, and the wii is making me ache from top to toe. i swear i haven’t been eating (too) much, but apparently i’ve been gaining weight! still, it’s only been a couple days…. i shall persevere and see how it goes!

+ p.s. aren’t these mighty cool? these are drawings on the pavement by a chalk artist called Julian Beever. i think his works are absolutely fab and there’s more to be had if you head here

amazing. some people are just so incredibly gifted 🙂

+ started mentor week today in mitcham with my mentor who’s a fab gynaecologist. i actually didn’t get lost (hurrah!) and it was a tiring but (kind of) exciting day, and i am absolutely drained from 9 whole hours of clinical work. oh and i managed to correctly diagnose a transverse fetal lie in antenatal clinic today. i feel semi-competent. perhaps i’m really getting better at this! and this is the kind of thing that really makes my day 🙂


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