in pain

May 24, 2008

i have this pain in my tooth and gums that persistently aches and triggers 78263424 neuronal synapses when i bite on it. it also radiates to my head, giving me a throbbing headache that impairs my ability to concentrate….so much for trying to study. i am literally going insane…!!!! the pain is just incapacitating, even though i took 5 panadols. i saw the dentist on friday and he said my wisdom teeth were impacted and required extraction…… i wish he could have yanked it out there and then, but he said i had to get x-rays first. GAH! so i have to wait till monday to get the x-ray done and golly knows when they’ll send my films back to him and then he’ll ring me up to arrange for an appointment……. hopefully it won’t take long because my exams are in less than 3 weeks! 😦 damn wisdom teeth! i always seem to get into trouble just before major exams. last year i was terribly ill for 3 weeks just a month before the end-of-year exams…. it is a horror i don’t want to relieve. sigh please please please let me have the surgery and get well ASAP i don’t care if it hurts like mad or costs me a Louis Vuitton bag (my heart is breaking) or if i have to look like a chipmunk for 3 days. (well actually i care!!! but obviously i need to pass the exams….or risk dire consequences.)


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