STILL in pain

May 26, 2008

finally! i made an appointment to get my wisdom teeth extracted on wednesday. it is getting too painful to bear right now. i’ve been popping copious amounts of panadol and aspirin but they’ve stopped working, i feel like my head is going to explode and i wish someone would kill me now. tomorrow i shall stock up on enough panadeine forte and neurofen to last me a lifetime. i hate teeth. dentists earn too much money from teeth. 😦

i am trying sooo hard to grin and bear it/suck it up, but the throbbing pain takes my perseverance away. i saw this woman in dr E’s rooms last week and she had urinary incontinence and prolapse and chronic pelvic pain… and she actually thought it was common for most women to go through that….. well oh well. i reckon women put up with a lot these days.

i am sorry to sound so sore but severe pain and ‘bright and shiny’ do not go well together……. oh last week i assisted in 3 surgeries! one hysteroscopy d&c, one cone biopsy and one laparoscopy. plus! the staff at the practice actually bought me lovely almond pastries from this italian patisserie on my last day, how sweet of them! 🙂 i’m going to think happy thoughts from now on so i get less bothered by the painnnn


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