let’s see how far we’ve come

June 2, 2008

oh my! i accessed my very very neglected and long forgotten friendster account on a whim, and found some old photos!

one of my best mates, sip, and i – circa 2004

us again, early this year at walawala’s before i returned to Melbourne

wow. i no longer look like a bobble-head doll and sip doesn’t look like a china doll! haha. some people call it ageing, i call it blossoming πŸ™‚ (and of course when you stop playing outdoor sports you get a lot fairer).

and then i was looking at my brother’s facebook profile (in true exam procrastination fashion) and found these!

i think he must have been 16 years old then! he is such a clown!!

and this was at a new year’s eve party this year, with a ten-fold increase in fashion sense (if i may say so)

i must say that he looks all grown up now, though he’s still my little brother at heart. i think he’ll kill me if he sees these pictures but it’s okay, london and australia are too far apart. hahaha looking at before/after photos are sooo fun! okay now back to the grinder, 9 more days and i still haven’t finished half of paeds 😦


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