when life gives you apples

June 4, 2008

(and you can’t eat them the easy way out)… MAKE APPLE CRUMBLE!!!

so i was craving apples badly but because i can’t chew solid food yet (just had my wisdom tooth extracted), ….i made apple crumble. and also because i was feeling a little stressed from studying, and what better thing to do than to channel my inner domestic-goddess! haha!

surprisingly it was easy enough, i followed the steps in the video (videojug is a godsend!) and ta-da! warm golden brown apple crumble in less than two hours 🙂 everyone should have a go at it because it’s sooo idiot-proof. although i suggest getting canned apples because dicing apples can be so tedious… if you’re of the lazy sort, like me. anyway i can’t wait to bake some more goodies! baking is so very addictive. maybe i’ll try to make some molten chocolate souffles if i can get my hands on some ramekins, or a banoffee pie perhaps 🙂


2 Responses to “when life gives you apples”

  1. I too was recently craving apples (though I don’t have the same tooth issues). I made up a delicious apple tart!

  2. eleanor Says:

    that sounds yummy! i’m trying to make some fruit tarts too but have no idea how to make proper tart shells!

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