pre-exam rants

June 16, 2008

naturally i have this amazing ability to procrastinate just days before my exam. i feel like i have to blog more during exam times because it helps take away the stress when i write it down. anyway today i spent 9 hours in the hospital! amazing. like J said, i could camp there and no one would know. i had osce practice with this bunch of really committed medicos, we’re a good mix of international and local students and it helps that everyone is really nice and encouraging. we couldn’t find any available room to practice in, so we went to the outpatient clinics and used it as our venue! which i must say, worked really well!

then i bought myself a huuuuge slab of sticky date pudding from the cafe. i said ‘hi can i have a slice of sticky date pudding’ and the guy who served me was very cheeky. he said ‘how much are you willing to pay?’

i laughed and said ‘for as much it’s worth’. anyway i was pretty pleased with my sweet treat (it was actually my breakfast and lunch) and devoured it within an hour. and ended up feeling a bit sickish…

i finally left the hospital at 930pm and just as i left i heard a helicopter! and i thought OMGGG a helicopter is landing! so i ran towards the helipad with my bag and books in tow and there it was, dazzling lights and revolving huge blades… a helicopter! it was exciting. possibly the most interesting thing that i saw in this week, apart from last tuesday when i sat for my paper and saw a jockey riding his horse when i looked out of the window.

ok exams in less than 48 hours! press on! i’m off to traralg0n for the osces! i hope i get lovely examiners. i’m excited i can’t wait for exams to be over. i’m already making my things-to-do-after-exams list. haha!


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