sundae sunday

June 25, 2008

finally! a picture post! after exams i got my life back partially (i say so because i got myself a vacation job so i’m working weekdays. ugh)


my wonderful housemates took me out for a belated birthday dinner on sunday! we went to chapel street and had japanese- undoubtedly my favourite- and ordered tons of food! sorry i meant to take pictures of the food as well (we had yummy sashimi, sukiyaki, eel and avocado sushi, tan zaru soba and deep fried eggplant with miso paste) but evidently we were too ravenous and digged in before i could whip my camera out. and then my housemates, knowing that my love for cake… suggested that we adjourned to chapelis for dessert 🙂 they told the waiter that it was my birthday (although it wasn’t) and we had a lot of laughs from that.

housemates 🙂

sher and her dream ride!

R: so does it feel like it’s your birthday today?

E: yes it does!

R: ah, then we have succeeded.

thank you my dear housies for a great night out! love xx


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