my life in shopping

July 6, 2008

i have once again overstepped my shopping budget for the month (already!) and i blame ninewest for it. i blame them for audaciously displaying the dreaded red lettered signs proclaiming ‘sale!’ in every angle of my peripheral vision. okay actually i blame myself for lacking willpower to resist the lure of material haven… one pair of shoes and one (very nice) bag later, i was filled with immense guilt and satisfaction at the same time. although i did want to return the shoes at first, but i figured i would let them linger for a while more in my room before i decide if i should exchange them for a different pair. ahhh decisions decisions decisions. anyway i do feel extremely guilty for splurging, especially when the money i spent was my hard earned wages from my vacation job, which was meant to be saved for my elective trip/grad trip next year. i often toy with the idea of saving for something big, or perhaps for a rainy day… but i somehow never manage to put it into concrete action. every bit of money that i earn just goes to the retailers……. i’ve tried to be more strict with myself these days, only allowing myself to buy something if i really need/like it, but everything seems to qualify as a ‘i must have it’ item. 😦 anyway i was reading an article today about how much australians spend on clothing. apparently the average australian woman buys 56 pieces of garments each year, and if she’s under the age of 30 she tends to buy double that amount! geez. i reckon i could quadruple that, seeing as i just bought 14 pieces of garments and 4 bags over the last month (yes i counted). i’m guilty as charged- i did overspend, and i’m not proud of it. hence i am on a shopping ban until july is over…. i really need to be more responsible for my finances.

oh and today i attempted to pack my room. i say attempted, because the mess is epic and has to be carried out in stages. i think i finished stages 1 and 2 out of 5 today, and i am absolutely knackered! i spent most of my time folding clothes, stuffing them unceremoniously into my bursting wardrobe, and of course setting aside some for donation. i have way too many things in my tiny room and i’ve realized that i am absolutely hopeless at decluttering, because i want to keep everything and anything. when i was little my mother called me a junk-collector. i think she was quite right.


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