July 10, 2008

help! i am driving myself crazy trying to call shanghai to enquire about electives. for one, my mandarin is pretty much non-existent. i found myself saying ni hao, then i got stuck, and promptly switched to english. and the connection was so bad, i spent 5 minutes ni hao-ing and listening to the dialtone and then gave up. called again via my cellphone and this time i finally got a decent connection going, but the woman on the other end was the operator who did not quite understand my request. she redirected me to another number but no one answered. so after 3 attempts i threw in the towel… i shall try again tomorrow. perhaps i should make a draft in chinese beforehand. my level of mandarin is just …embarassing. can someone please tell me how i can contact the person-in-charge for international exchanges in Shanghai Second Medical University (SHSMU)? i’m getting a little desperate 😦

anyway ive started my gp/psychiatry rotation and it looks to be a pretty peachy semester ahead *fingers crossed* we saw two patients with schizophrenia in psych early this week. one presented with attempted suicide, and the other presented with mania(?). it was really interesting, listening to them recount their thoughts and feelings and experiences….. i’m beginning to like the clinical part of psych but i’m not sure if i’ll enjoy the voluminous readings. haha. anyway i walked from my house to nottinghill for lectures today (must have been about 3 kilometres or so) and it took me 30 minutes. but it was a pretty nice scenic walk and i was dressed in 5 layers to keep myself warm and toasty. the weather forecast said it was going to hail but thank God, it only drizzled a little.

oh! and something amusing happened yesterday. for some reason i thought that class started at 2pm but in actual fact it ran from 1 to 2pm. so at 2pm i waltzed in feeling pretty breezy, while the entire class looked at me in utter shock. i was completely oblivious, until nesh told me that tute was at 1pm. oh my. i wanted to laugh out loud then, but i had to regain my composure so i could apologize to the tutor. and seriously this is not the first time i’ve pulled off something along these lines. i think i have a knack for doing silly things. haha!


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