lemon tree, very pretty

August 7, 2008

today i visited a patient in his home as part of a community palliative care visit. he was battling a terminal illness and was in a lot of pain. but he managed to smile at me and even offered me lemons from his lemon tree. he blew me away with his generosity, even in his difficult circumstances- so i accepted. we took a walk in his garden, towards his blooming lemon tree and he said i could pluck as many as i wanted. his wife gave me a plastic bag to put the lemons and so i gingerly tried to pluck 2 or 3 lemons but he stepped in to give me a hand. so we plucked lemons together and he made me take 11 lemons home. later he showed me his prized orchids, his empty aviary (he had to give his birds away), everything in his garden that was meaningful to him. he smiled at all these beautiful things and i genuinely believed that for that moment, he was happy and not in pain.


One Response to “lemon tree, very pretty”

  1. stayinggold Says:

    death is always difficult, altho for me, im generally quite unaffected if its an elderly person..but if it was someone in their 20-30s, or worse a young child, im really quite sad by it..

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