4562 conversations

August 12, 2008

i told W i had to go to the library to do something important. so we cut the conversation short and parted ways. 10 minutes later W saw me in the library and crept up behind me.

W: something important hey?

E: err.. yeah.. no.. i WAS going to read some pysch…i swear (while trying to hide my copy of UK ELLE magazine)

seriously whatever i said to explain myself just sounded ….lame. i hope W doesn’t think i’m trying to fob him off.


psych patient: you see this tv, it is against me.

E: how so?

PP: when i press this button, the screen goes blue. that is the code they use to make me sick

E: but you just pressed AV1… ALL TVs show a blue screen when you press AV1…

PP: NO! you do not understand. it is the code they use to get ME really sick. only my tv has a blue screen.

E: well my tv has a blue screen too……. see if you press it again it goes back to TV mode

PP: you are not getting the point. you do not understand.

case in point – NEVER argue with a patient who is acutely psychotic.


2 Responses to “4562 conversations”

  1. zhuan Says:

    hey el!
    hows things …u still working?

    patients can certainly crack you up/piss you off.

    anyway ..chanced upon some funny dr-patient convo from some ED doc from US of A. (through random surfin’)

    Me: Sir, do you have any medical history? Diabetes, heart problems, anything?
    Pt: No.
    Me: Sir, have you ever had any surgery?
    Pt: No.
    Me: Blah, blah, blah.
    Pt: Well, I did get shot once.
    Me: Where at?
    Pt: In the alley.
    Me: Nevermind.

  2. eleanor Says:

    Hey zhuan! nice hearing from you 🙂 are you back? having fun in the hospital? heh yes i love patients sometimes they just crack you up and make your day 🙂

    yup i’m working fortnightly now, ann’s got a couple more people to help her so i don’t have to work as much! how are you?

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