phillip lim i love thee

August 27, 2008

some of my picks from 3.1 phillip lim’s Resort 2009 collection (although i think the entire collection was gorgeous!- but these are my favourites):

i am totally loving the brights-neutrals combination. the man is my personal style inspiration. maybe i should start experimenting soon, seeing as spring is only 3 days away. 🙂 i wish i could afford phillip lim’s amazing range at this point in time…….but. i shall save up for it like all the other good people out there, because money doesn’t come easy (for most of us at least).

OhHh and i bought new jeans today. dark wash & wide legged – atypical of me of indeed. but i was getting tired of the whole skinny jeans trend…… uninspiring. anyway they were half off from 100$ to 50$ then when i got to the checkout the guy said it was an extra 10$ off. ooh fate. 🙂

anyway i was meant to be reading up on personality disorders and nursing a fever but was too distracting, as you can see.

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