scary chinaman

October 4, 2008

sorry for the dearth of updates! i had nothing much to write about because i haven’t been doing much except exist….. and assignmenting of course. i really really dislike assignments like ‘comment on colorectal screening for the general population’ and ‘should a national prostrate cancer screening program be implemented?’…………. 1. i get sooo bored reading journal articles and 2. i can’t stand referencing. ive decided that referencing is my biggest bane


the biggest biggest bane in my life right now has got to be this dodgy looking chinese guy (who apparently was a doctor in china and is currently sitting for his qualification exams to practice in Oz) who WILL NOT LEAVE ME ALONE whenever i’m at the hospital. he seems to be EVERYWHERE !!!! i can’t study because he keeps trying to talk to me in his unintelligible chinese-accented english. i wouldn’t really mind so much if he was decent and not so creepy….. i have this sense of being watched whenever i know that he’s in proximity and it is scaring me to death. every time he comes to talk to me, i have to pack up and move my stuff elsewhere…… 😦 today he said “HELLO” so loudly while i was concentrating on neuroanatomy and i jumped out of my seat in fright. i am so terrified of running into him that going to the hospital is such a challenge for me right now… everyone says i should just call security, but i dunno if i want this to get blown up . J says i should just ask him to p*ss off but i don’t have the guts. howhowhow

and my brother is happily in LDN right now…. he says it’s beautiful and awesome over there. what would i give to trade places and not worry about 1. scary chinaman 2. assignments 3. exams 4. miscellaneous. yeah i worry a lot don’t i. 😦 BUT it’s singapore day tomorrow though, that really cheers me up heaps… can’t wait to embrace the familiarity of home!


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