house m.d.

October 16, 2008

today while trying to give my patient a vitamin B12 injection, i gave myself a needlestick injury. and a haematoma. 😦 i don’t like needlesssss

i always thought my weekly GP placements were toturous but on hindsight i realised that i don’t actually dislike it all that much, it seems like i’m always minimizing the good points and magnifying the negative aspects of the placement.

anyway, one of the reasons why it isn’t that bad is because my GP and i get along swimmingly. he is this 56 year old guy with a great sense of humour and sometimes when we don’t have patients, we have really great discussions about life and food and etc. sometimes we test drive iPhones and listen to bjork(?!) when we have patients. i really like it that he makes a real effort to teach me useful things and even gives me little projects to do every week. this week my homework was anaemia, based on a patient we saw who presented with pain in his calves and shortness on breath walking up the stairs. he was pretty overweight and my first thought was, it’s probably functional shortness of breath due to his lack of fitness. but well, my GP did more investigations and we found that he had really really low haemoglobin (ie. anaemia), as well as a low white cell count and platelet count…… interesting.

i think part of the reason why i like medicine is because of its complexities… not that i like being put in difficult situations, but i find that its when i’m faced with a puzzle i can’t necessarily solve at the first try, that i’m forced to think, to be dynamic, to be on my twiddly toes…. like house m.d. speaking of which, i just rekindled my love for the show although i wish they would stop using pophyria as the differential diagnosis for every episode.


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