to my brother

October 24, 2008

hello i miss you. why are you so far away? why must you be in gloomy wintry london when i’m back for hols this december? 😦 whyyyyyy

if there is one thing i realised, it’s that my brother and i are immensely close despite our differences. ever since we were kids we would stay up late to talk till we both fell asleep, we would conspire against our parents and let each other in on secrets that we’d never tell anyone else. and then i left for australia, and now he’s left for london. i really miss him. this summer will be weird because there’d be no more late night conversations, no one to tell me silly stories till i keel over laughing…… sometimes i just feel happier when he’s around. ARGH. and i got frankst0n emergency dept for my ED rotation next year of all places………………….and i have none in alfred!!!!!!!!     WHYWHYWHYYYY


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