the real guitar hero

November 4, 2008

i’m sitting in my chair vegetating. trying so so so hard to absorb general practice stuff but its.soooo.hard. i dislike gp. everything is so vague, so uncertain, and so mundane. i like psych a lot better, although some people think it’s esoteric. but i like esoteric things. anyway, if you thought tommy emmanuel was a guitar prodigy for teaching himself how to play the guitar at age 12, then you must must must watch this video of an 11 year old korean boy. he is absolutely gobsmackingly fantastic. and you don’t have to know guitar to appreciate the beauty of his music, so click on it

oh and here’s another video unrelated to guitar-playing. it’s about gait abnormalities. i remember in first year, kai and i sat through this lecture where we watched an hour-long video on gait- and we laughed so hard we cried. yes we cried (or at least i know i did). my tummy was aching and tears were rolling down my cheeks. i am terribly sorry that i find it so amusing but i just can’t stop myself from giggling. ugh. i dunno why i find all these things funny (when it’s not supposed to be funny), it would be so awful if i burst out laughing while examining a patient. (p.s. my favorite is the scissor gait).

ok sooo need to study. 20 more days guyzzz


3 Responses to “the real guitar hero”

  1. mybreathoflife Says:

    Hey el,

    I dreamt of you last night! Apparently I was studying somewhere and around the corner you were there studying too (well done, we’re studying in my dreams too) and we saw each other and were like “how are you!! long time no see!! *hugs* ”

    btw, thanks for the opinions on your placements, I highly doubt I can get my first choices, but see how!

    Just thought to say hi and all the best in your exams. Take care el


  2. stayinggold Says:

    i remember that video!!! HAHAHAHA. especially the PD guy, the shuffle shuffle STOP. 🙂
    yes GP = mundane and vague land. what are we even doing?? its the most retarded rotation. its so superficial bah.
    19 days.

  3. eleanor Says:

    SHU! oh my its been a while! haha we need to get a life outta all that studying hehe. thanks and all the best for exams too 🙂 we shall conquerrrr!! p.s. we need to catch up properly after exams 🙂 LOVELOVE

    KAI: yes wasn’t that like sooo long ago! haha. anyway all the best for exams, heard u got neurosurg so congrats! will be seeing ya next year then 🙂

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