holler atcha boy

November 16, 2008

we had group osce practice today, and my osce partner randomly said ‘holler atcha boy’ to someone else and i immediately iit up and exclaimed ‘oooh i know where that came from!’ i love the phrase, it’s so catchy hahaha. yes and if you know where that came from then we share a bond. 🙂 holler atcha boy!

anyway exams have officially begun, i am one down and two more to go… major ones too. :s certainly sucks that everyone else is done and having fun in the sun, while i tear my hair out and study myself silly. even my brother is squeezing in weekend escapades to france and belgium on top of juggling a new school term!! oh well. i shall not whine further. c’est la vie! i’ve given it all i can, given up so much for this…. so what’s a little more to give? i am nearly there. nearly nearly there!!!

p.s. i can’t wait to go home i miss you all soooo much. family + friends = my sustenance for exam madness. 🙂  LOVE xxx


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