hello everyone

December 22, 2008

i lost my blogging mojo. well not really i guess, i just haven’t had the time to sit still and stew on things that i really want to write about. writing is special to me and something that i love very much, and (although i am guilty of posting random thoughts that i sometimes write for the sake of writing) i’ve decided that until i really sat down and thought about the things in my heart that i want to share, this blog will be a little quiet… for now at least.

and now for some updates! i’ve been back in The Land of Extreme Humidity for nearly 2ish weeks now, and have been busy spending time with family and friends. many of my peers are busy undertaking summer attachments and electives and whatnot, but ive decided that i am going to take a break from med this time. (in other news, i passed 4th year! on to my fifth and FINAL year of med school! hurrah!) ive been reading a lot about the fashion industry lately and it’s really really interesting! i mean i love clothes and bags and shoes, but seriously when i sat down to read about the workings of the industry, from luxury consumership to fashion history to haute couture to vintage shopping, i was enthralled. yes i was captivated, in awe, amazed at how this industry has evolved over the decades, or perhaps centuries. i wish i could take a course in fashion journo for a semester. i think i would seriously enjoy it and cherish every second of it. it is so, so, so very interesting! i’m half-glad i’m taking time to pursue my other interests in life, i know i should be reading Harrison’s instead of Vogue but i really didnt think i could stomach more med, especially when i’m meant to be on vacation! haha. okay i really didn’t mean to write a whole chunk but fashion just gets me so excited, and when i’m excited i talk a lot. yes A LOT. and oh yes i got a new macbook. it is gorgeous! this is the first post i’m typing on it!

anyway dear friends in singapore, I AM HOME! please ask me out for coffee or something, i would love to catch up with you! i will be here till the 14th of January, so there is still time for us to do fun/crazy things and feast on delicious local food. i’m up for anything most things! okay here’s wishing you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year! love to everyone from me xxx


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