was it you who spoke the words that things would happen but not to me

December 30, 2008

hi everyone, i hope you had a great christmas! just checking in to wish you all a happy new year as well, i am terribly sorry i have stopped sending cards. a part of me wishes that i’d bothered enough to send friends handwritten cards and yet a part of me knows that it would be impractical to do so, as so many of my dear friends are abroad (or is that another excuse for my laziness). anyway i thought i would just wish everyone here, friends and aquaintances alike! HAPPY BLESSED NEW YEAR!! i hope 2009 goes really well for you all, just as i am hoping that it will go well for me. it’s my final (FINALLY) year of med school and i really really want it to go swimmingly, and most of all i want to be inspired, challenged, enlightened and contented. i want to be a nicer kinder person and i want to always show mercy to others, and to love and be loved. (and the list goes on. like spend more time with loved ones, master the art of sewing, eat less cake, bake lots of cupcakes, stop sleeping in class, save up for that miumiu bag etc). i know i’m probably not going to get all that i want, but i’m going try my hardest anyway… and i guess my favorite outlook on life is to ‘let life take you by surprise’….. so we’ll see what comes up! also i just wanted to give thanks for all the blessings i’ve received in 2008! it was probably the longest year in my life (somehow) and i feel like ive weathered many storms, but really i am grateful for everything i have! God has been good to me as always and i really hope i can be closer to Him… i admit that i haven’t spent enough time reading His word so hopefully 2009 will see a more disciplined spritual walk! and hopefully a great breakthrough in my kids ministry, i really hope for a big big big impact to be made on those little hearts

in other news i caught up with dear shu today and boy we chatted for ages and ages, i think 3.5 hours just flew by like that but it was so nice to talk about everything under the sun! and it’s such a great feeling to be able to pour out your heart to a friend and relate to each other. i love coffee and conversations! thanks shu for the great company, i was really happy to see you again after soooo long 🙂 and then it was dinner with nick, whom i had not seen for nearly a year and so it was another great catch up session, and i had a nice time laughing and reminiscing. thanks for dinner nick! i’m really glad that things are going well for you, so here’s to another wonderful year ahead!

on another note, i had a thought about relationships just today and since matters of the heart always baffle me, i googled my question and i was really surprised at what google had to offer. like try googling things like ‘can a guy and girl be platonic friends’ and you’ll get a myriad answers that are surprisingly interesting. so anyway i read a couple of articles on my question and realised that i identified with certain points in different articles offering varying viewpoints. i’m not sure what this means, it probably means that i’m still not clear on what i’m looking for, but it has certainly made me think a lot about my direction and i think i’m slowly but surely finding the answer to my question. which, is a secret. haha. anyway yay google. the WWW is indeed formidable. ok signing off now! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONEEE


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