better days!

January 12, 2009

i leave for melbourne in approximately 3 days, and i haven’t packed. i’m a little in denial, i don’t really want to leave sunny singers but i kind of want to? (in a slightly masochistic, force myself to get into study-mode kind of way?) everytime i am home i am inundated with lots and lots of love. i say inundated because i literally feel like i am flooded with love. my parents especially, i love them for how they go out of their way to make me feel comfortable, my friends for letting me run away for 10 months every year and still wanting to be my friend and meeting me on demand (thank you all i love you and i really really mean it), it’s been a good holiday in general! i am once again filled with so much inertia to start studying, exercising and eating properly and being miss independent again, but i somehow love the feeling of doing things on my own (yes even the laundry) and being busy. i’m hoping i’ll start my first rotation of 2009 on a good note- neurosurgery here i comeeee!!! (i foresee lots of icky neuroanatomy revision)

every year i start out feeling hopeful, and this time is no exception. only i really really want this year to be AWESOME, and i believe it will be. i am finally moving on. i can’t believe it took me this long but hey, i’m just excited to embark on new things. i can only hope that it will be as exciting as i’ve envisioned it to be!

i hope 2009 brings you lots of hope, joy and love …. if you want it you can make it happen (ok now why do i sound like a life coach?) xx


One Response to “better days!”

  1. Shu Says:

    thanks for all your comments el! all the best for the start of final year, i’m sure it’ll be a blast! 🙂 see you in melb! hehe xxx

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