ahhhh neurosurg

January 18, 2009

AHHHHH tomorrow i start my first rotation. i’m more scared than excited really, my clinical skills are rustier than the sunken titanic and i havent been doing any reading that is even remotely related to medicine. i am not a fan of medical journals, truth be told. i would much rather flick through the glossy pages of Vogue than pore over the BMJ. don’t get me wrong, i do love med, for me its not about the reading, it’s about the doing. but of course you have to know before you can do (things correctly)… so it looks like i can’t escape the reading! ooh and speaking of fashion and medicine, i came across this interview in NYmag with Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz. he’s funny.

I wanted to go out of fashion, to study medicine. I thought, you know, who needs fashion? How important is it if you wear a red dress and an orange jacket? It’s not really. But it is important for that woman, she will find a nice fur coat and it will make her happy, she will have a better day. Our job is to give you comfort, to hug you with clothes. I always tell this story a woman told me, that every time she wears Lanvin, men fall in love with her.”

i love how he says “hug you with clothes”. i never thought of it that way, but i want to be hugged with clothes. engulfed in a giant wool scarf in the harshest of winters. i guess fashion has oft been regarded as ‘superficial’ but i really do think it’s more than that. and i say that because dressing better inspires my confidence and makes me feel like i am better equipped to take on the challenges of the world…. and one day i would like to wear Lanvin (and Balmain and Valentino too. a girl can dream! teehee)

anyway tomorrow will be interesting! i’m so psyched that i’m in final year!!!! but that comes with the responsibility of doing things well and teaching the 3rd years… i remember this amazing 5th year louise who used to teach me how to examine patients properly, patiently correcting my technique and giving me useful critique that i still remember to this day. i really hope i’ll be useful to patients and to my juniors (and that means i have to start reading talley and kumar all over again.) i’m am going to have to get used to the wards again but i know i will love it- interacting with patients, seeing everyday miracles and just basking in the sheer privilege of being a part of other people’s lives. yes i know i love it. 🙂

ok i shall go do work now. i have watched the entire season 1 of samantha who?, and it is so funny. i love samantha! she is so endearingly cute.

annnnd. i leave you all with this SUPER HILARIOUS KARAOKE VIDEO called TUTS MY BARREH (go figure). watch it please?? please?


One Response to “ahhhh neurosurg”

  1. Shu Says:

    hahaha! the one who made the lyrics is super funny too with all the pics.

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