January 30, 2009

we’ve had shocking weather this week- soaring temperatures of 43-45 degrees Celsius for the past 3 days!!! it is insanity. i haven’t been sleeping decently for many nights now….and i ate a 1L tub of icecream in 3 days. i hope this crazy weather clears up soon

i am 2 weeks into neurosurgery and having been spending close to 12 hours a day in hospital and half-living in scrubs but i kind of love it! haha no i’m not saddistic or anything but surgery is pretty much growing on me…. it is kind of exhilarating when you get to see brains and spinal cords up close and get involved in the action. and i’ve learnt so much in a short time, and hanging out with kristy and kai is super fun and we’re always laughing at something/somebody…. hilarious!!

notes to self:

1. do not become crap GP who makes crap referrals to neurosurgery clinic. ie not all leg numbness is neurological in origin!

2. if you are blond and wear fake eyelashes, 5 inch wedges and fake tan, no one will take you seriously. much less think of you as a doctor

3. if you are a supercool kickass no-nonsense female neurosurgeon, you can get away with pretty much anything.

p.s. i am currently watching the Aus Open semi-finals now and it’s an intense match. i want nadal to go through but verdasco is putting up such a good fight. the first set took 75 mins(?!) and they just deuced for like the 5th time. nadal is playing an amazing game i want him to win so so badly


2 Responses to “heatwave/tennisfever”

  1. deb Says:

    hey… i was hoping verdasco would win… he’s SOOOOO CUTEEEEEEE… i was drooling at him while watching and eating at fish and co. I think jem almost smashed the tv. haha!

    • eleanor Says:

      haha yeah verdasco is cute but nadal is awesome!! he totally deserved the championship!! hope u and jem are well!! 🙂

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