wish i was airkicking

February 13, 2009

theatre today, for some strange reason, was absolutely hilarious. kr and i were laughing our guts out every 5 minutes, secretly hi-fiving (Mr D+us 1 theatre manger 0), stuffing ourselves with pastries from the drug-reps….. omg it was a riot! i probably haven’t laughed so much in theatre till now. then again, my OT experience before neurosurgery was probably all of 5 hours.

Mr D let me assist for an anterior cervical disc fusion today and it was amazinggg. it really makes me understand how stuff works. i always thought that invertebral discs were jelly-like and translucent (cos of those illustrations in the anatomy books) but now i know they look and feel like crabmeat. haha. i also finally understand how the stealth machine works. understand as in i would probably be able to perform stealth craniotomy right now if i had to. hahaha.

it’s funny how surgery never crossed my mind, because most people including myself think i fit the “physician” stereotype, but whaddya know…. neurosurgery is really pretty interesting. no actually it is intense, hardcore and mindblowingly insane but i kind of enjoy it. i really love hanging out with the team, they are such champs and every day just seems like a ride…. i mean we spend 12 hours on average at the hospital everyday, but it flies by so quickly and surprisingly i’m not counting down to the end of the day like i did in GP. tiring, yes, but boring, no. never a dull moment i would say, we have too much fun laughter and joy. ahhh i dont want this rotation to end!


2 Responses to “wish i was airkicking”

  1. stayinggold Says:

    me too. the 12 hours doesnt even seem that long. whereas just 2 hours in notting HELL was HELL.

  2. eleanor Says:

    hahaha yeah. i remember i would be counting down in half-hr blocks, thinking about food mostly. and those index case tutes…. absolute torture!!!!

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