February 15, 2009

my life outside of the medical clamshell, in dot points:

  • Woke up super late on the weekend! how i love not waking up at 545am!!!
  • Spent a good $100 at MyChemist and Coles. who in the world spends $100 on groceries and toiletries?! ugh.
  • Caught He’s Just Not That Into You on saturday, it was hilarious but not great, as all chick flicks are meant to be. really really want to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic though!
  • Watched How I Met Your Mother (1.5 seasons over 3 days) and i think Barney Stinson aka Swarley is the shizz! omg he’s absolutely hilarious. really really tickles my rib! kind of reminds me of a certain someone i know…. wait make that 2 someones 🙂
  • Ate a mountainload of junkfood (as usual). Finally satisfied my pancake craving. i am not fitting into my pants anymore 😦
  • Um that’s probably it….. oh we had a power trip too. not very fun, but hey it was the first time in 3 years! haha

2 Responses to “HIMYM”

  1. Shu Says:

    ‘how i met your mother’ is a terrible show!!! terrible as in i can’t stop watching it! i totally know what you mean by 1.5 seasons over 3 days. my friend lent me the dvd one week ago and i’m in the middle of season 2. ARGH!

  2. el Says:

    yes! i love barney’s antics. “hypothetical hi-five!”

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