it’s not glamourous

March 14, 2009

some people are overworked and underpaid. people like me are overworked and not paid. 😦 

while  being in my final year necessitates me to behave like a junior doctor and be a part of the team, i feel like i’m swamped in paperwork and not learning much about my specialty rotation. it’s true that i can’t expect people to teach me much, since our team is tiny (just me, the resident and the registrar +/- consultant) compared to my previous team which was too huge (3 students, 2 residents, 3 registrars, 5 consultants).  i do try to absorb as much as i can while i’m on the ward, do as many procedures as possible etc., but running around to radiology chasing up CT reports and faxing requests to MRI is not my idea of learning. i would rather be stuck in ED admitting delirious patients than run around like a mad chook from department to department. on that note my registrar did make me admit 2 delirious patients in ED…… not fun at all because i thought i was gonna get hit(!!!!) but i’d rather be doing clinical work than paperwork.

it’s depressing cos i had such a great sense of achievement while i was in neurosurg…i would drag myself to ward rounds at 7am and leave at 7pm without complaint. over here i practically countdown to 5pm and hope i’m not stuck in some admission so i can leave as early as possible, because i feel like i’m undermined and condemned to menial administrative chores. ok i exaggerate, but the bottomline is: i don’t want to be brilliant at paperwork, i want to be a brilliant doctor!!!


One Response to “it’s not glamourous”

  1. stayinggold Says:

    hello, coming from an ED perspective, IT NOT ANY BLOODY DIFFERENT!! bludge off el, im here at home blogging away now!

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