happy easter!

April 13, 2009

easter at 7

i hope your easter was great, i had 4 glorious days of easter break and i spent it with my lovely girlfriends cooking up a storm of a feast and then partying at Seven after (note to self: tequila + vsop = massive headache).

great message at church from one of my favourite pastors, very uplifting and hilarious indeed. shanghainese dumplings and lattes to end off the evening and then on sunday i started the day with hainanese chicken rice (delishhh) and mini-golf! today i had lunch with joyce and friends, who were visiting melbourne for the first time, and i was such a bad host cos i kept getting us lost haha. we took a stroll along the yarra river- my first time in 5 years here, the shame- and it was beautiful. i never realised how lovely the place looked, all scenic and buzzing with life at the same time, and it was really, really great catching up with an old friend too! thanks for meeting up if you’re reading this joyce, i hope you enjoy melbourne!

p.s. it was good to bump into you shu, we need to catch up properly though! 🙂

and sorry i haven’t been updating, i guess i had nothing new to report and i didn’t want to whine about the mundane little details of my life. i know i can be such a whinger when life doesn’t treat me well, but i guess everyone goes through a bad patch and we all have to swallow all our bitter pills somehow . tomorrow i start on my new rotation – gen med. i have a feeling i’m going to whinge non-stop in the coming weeks but i’ll try to be positive. if all else fails there’s always chocolate cake from the hospital cafe.


One Response to “happy easter!”

  1. Shu Says:

    it was a happy surprise to see you here in the city! it took you a while to notice me. haha. nice to hear you had a good easter 🙂

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